Introducing Sandbar 🏖️ , Goldfish API Test Environment

Introducing Sandbar 🏖️ , Goldfish API Test Environment
Photo by Joel Gaff / Unsplash

Last week, we openly mocked your spreadsheet(s); this week, we’re doubling down with another tool to help you transition away from the tyranny of Larry’s Excel doc riddled with macros. (Sorry, Larry.)


Sandbar 🏖️ is a playground that helps people freely validate whether our API is a fit now or in the future without requiring any contract or token to access it.
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What it is:

• A fully functional copy of our production API; all parameters are the same, and all updates to our production API are reflected in Sandbar. That means even if we're not a fit this week, you can review every new feature until we are. (Larry.)

• Flexible. With GraphQL, when you're ready to switch from Sandbar’s testing environment to our production API, change the URL from sandbar.goldfish to api.goldfish, add your token and poof, Maaagic.

• Well documented. Our API Guide is here, and our input variables for testing are here. We'll publish more tips and tricks soon, but If you’d like a more intimate 1:1 technical onboarding on the Sandbar 🏖️ , the product team would love to help; email with the subject "Sandbar API Onboarding."

What it isn't:

• Sandbar is explicitly built for testing and validation, not production. The fancy caching, redundancy, and performance benefits are only available on our production API. Don't hesitate to contact if you require access to our production API for benchmark testing.

• While Sandbar is a functional copy of our Production API, it is not connected to the same data resources. The sample database and variables for testing should be adequate for most assessments. If you are in advanced testing and you have a need, a need for speed and or data, please reach out to sales for access to our production systems.

Until next week, from the Product Team @Goldfish 🤙